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Left on St. Truth-be-Well - Amy Lane So, this book came out yesterday, and I spent a couple of hours devouring it. I could be described as a total Amy Lane fangirl...and this may very well be my favorite Amy Lane book yet.It's absolutely true that this is not an angsty tearjerker like those for which Amy is famous. But there were tears. There were happy tears, and overcome tears, and OMGAWD if I laugh any harder I'mma pee my pants tears...See, something I forget to tell people when I tell them how awesome and amazing Amy Lane is, is that she is FUNNY. And not just a little bit. She gets ya laughing so hard you're just sort of slapping the wall to hold yourself up funny. And she's just a glorious writer with such amazing timing and this book is perfect.Shorter review:GAWD, y'all, just read it.