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Scorpion  - Aleksandr Voinov I haven't read much fantasy in recent years. I've found my requirements for what I enjoy in a fantasy story have gotten pickier, and I simply haven't wanted to spend the time hunting for new fantasy authors to try.Well, Aleksandr Voinov could write just about anything and I would read it, because he's just that good. When I found out Scorpion would be re-released, I added it to my TBR immediately, preordered it, and couldn't wait to read it. This is one of those books I kept setting aside as I was reading because I didn't *want* to devour it all in one sitting, I wanted it to LAST. Of course, I also couldn't stop picking it right back up because I found Kendras's story so compelling, and I ended up devouring it far too quickly anyway.This book is violent and sexy. The world-building is lush without being over-wrought, and the relationships between the characters illustrate a full spectrum from loyalty, love, and trust to betrayal, abuse, and manipulation. The plot is riveting.I think not only has Aleksandr written another great story, he's reminded me what I loved about the fantasy genre in the first place, and maybe inspired me to start reading more of it. Probably beginning with ScorpionII. ;)