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Gambling Men: The Novel - Amy Lane I honestly am struggling with how to review this book, because:A. Big Amy Lane fangirl--completely addicted to her writing.B. Still scratching my head trying to figure out my own thoughtsSeriously, I love Amy's writing, and this book, like all her books, is very well crafted. It felt to me more like a series of vignettes than an actual novel. I saw the relationship develop, but it didn't feel like a single story. I did enjoy reading it, and holy hades was it HOT, but I am still kind of puzzled by it.Also, I tend to like certain character types, and one Amy writes really well is this nurturing cuddly type. Quentin reminded me of all the things I loved about Kane from Dex in Blue and Shane from Making Promises. That said, I never really "got" Jace. It might take a few re-reads before I figure him out. I would recommend this for people who like to indulge in supremely well-crafted sentences, who can truly appreciate the micro-craft at which Amy Lane excels, for anyone who likes smoking hot guy on guy action, and those who have a soft spot for the cuddlers.