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Sweet Young Thang - Anne Tenino This book was sort of an odd one for me. I love Anne Tenino's voice, and her writing is so fun, and I adored the characters. So overall the romantic story arc worked really well for me, the characterization worked really well for me, etc.There are a couple of pretty big *buts* for me here. For the first time in the Theta Alpha Gamma series, we really see the inner workings of the fraternity... and it doesn't really bear any resemblance to greek life as I experienced it. The difference between greek life in this book and greek life as I know it were large enough that I had a very hard time suspending disbelief with the fraternity conflict portions of the story. The other big *but* was the mystery/suspense plot. Right from the get go you know who did it, and you know how. Motivations are a *little* murky, but not a stretch to imagine. I don't read mystery/suspense books often, and I'm not bothered by the transparency of this part of the plot, because I wasn't reading it for the suspense, but it did make that whole plot seem a little superfluous, which was odd cause it was central to the story.So, yeah, kind of weird for me, but still really fun and funny. I would definitely recommend to someone looking for a light-hearted romance with some crazy-hot scenes (there were PLENTY of those) I find in general I enjoy Ms. Tenino's books more on a second read rather than the initial read, so I may update this review on a future re-read.