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Nowhere Ranch - Heidi Cullinan Okay, so I just last night re-read this book for the third or fourth time, and I'm thinking, I've got to go to goodreads and make absolutely damned certain I gave *this* book five stars.I had never rated. So, let me make amends. FIVE STARS, baby.Here's the deal with this book: it's HOT. Intense. Dirty. Sweaty. Raunchy-feed-each-other-come sexy. It totally hits all the kinky buttons until my eyes were kinda bugging out of my head. (but I loved it)But that's not what makes this book great. What makes this book great is Roe and Travis and this delicate little dance they do. Travis can't just pursue Roe, cause that would make him run like hell. And Roe can't just run, because Travis is showing him this amazing thing--acceptance--which he's never had before. And there are times where it's a really close call, where Roe got spooked or Travis was too welcoming. Those scenes are so intense you just ache all over for both of them. Even on a third or fourth reading, my chest got all achy and hurty for them. And Haley. God, Haley is just a treat. As much as Travis struggled to know how to "handle" Roe, Haley was a natural. She wants to be a teacher and you know she's going to be a great one because she has this amazing ability to see exactly who Roe was and what he needed and and just be that friend for him, and I am actually CRYING writing this review because it's so fucking perfect. And Roe... the book is told in first person from Roe's POV, and he's got so much joy and love in his heart that he is scared to show anyone. He's like an abused puppy, just needing someone to love him back, because he's got all this fun inside him just waiting for someone to appreciate it.So, after a third or fourth re-read, this is a very solid favorite which I am sure will be read again and again.