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I'm a writer who reads a lot. I get crushes on words. I can be NSFW. Come here, let me smell your books. 

King Perry - Edmond Manning When you read King Perry, it's absolutely clear that Edmond Manning loves words with all his love. The imagery and the rhythm in his writing is masterful. He teases you along with these rich descriptions that feel sort of detached from time and space, and then he gives you a little slap of "San Francisco, 1999. Keep it real."This book is Perry's journey, but it is narrated by Vin, and Vin is unreliable--you think you're in on what Vin has planned because you're reading his voice? No. No. You're reading in his voice, but you're on Perry's ride, and Vin isn't going to go any easier on you than he is on Perry. Don't try to guess what he's up to, because Perry doesn't get to know and you don't either.This book's plot is wild and manic and trippy and just sprawls out on all these little mini-vacations that turn into one big inner monomyth that culminates in a naked-and-fucking cello concert at dawn.Recommended because of all of that and to everyone.