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King Mai - Edmond Manning If you've read King Perry, you might have an expectation out of this book. I read them back to back, so I was comparing them pretty closely. The prose in King Mai is a little more mundane. The adventure is a little more wholesome. It's also funnier, and I think Manning got some things right with comedic timing in King Mai to make it more of a fun read.I did have a moment in this story I *really* disliked-- I really detest the (all too common) characterization of victims of childhood sexual abuse as "damaged" or broken, or incapable of leading normal lives. I also realize this is me bringing Perry into Mai, because that bit of Vin's backstory isn't mentioned in this book, but really, I can't help but get my back up at that characterization. but for the most part found the story enchanting and really fun to read.I will say this--the food in this book grossed me out. I can't handle the corndog in the back pocket thing or corn dogs in general, and the thing with the cake at the end, EW. So to save my sanity, I just started looking at all the food references as farce, and that made the book even funnier. Well done, Manning, you grossed me into laughing.But, the real gift in this story is Cookie Night. Cookie Night made me bawl like a baby.