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Half Moon Chambers - Harper Fox What a gorgeous book. Okay, so, I'll be the first to admit, I am not sure why I bought this book. Lawd knows cop stories ain't my thing. BUT... Harper Fox? She is so my thing. So I probably bought this because I've always loved her voice. But since I downloaded it in epub???? it got opened in ibooks instead of kindle and I completely forgot about it. I found it this weekend, so yay! Book!Harper Fox's voice is not for everyone. Unlike much of the popular M/M market, she has a much more literary style, even when chasing baddies and drug dealers etc. etc. So she took a storyline which would honestly not usually appeal to me, and she made it bleak and beautiful and full of all this existential (and yes, y'all, I'm talking in the Sartrian sense here) observation.The sartrian stuff: Okay, so here's a quote from old Jean-Paul himself "...man first of all exists, encounters himself, surges up in the world – and defines himself afterwards." THIS is Vince's story. Right there. He exists (and is injured), encounters himself through Rowan's eyes and art, surges up in the world (NO SPOILERS) and defines himself afterward. There is a scene in this book where Vince finds Rowan's sketches and sees himself through the eyes of someone who loves him. And it's a shocking moment for him because he's sort of detached from his own sense of worth since he was shot, and now he is seeing his worth sketched out by the man he loves. And it's beautiful.The suspense plot was pretty good, and I really didn't get how either of our guys were going to be heroes until they both were and it was great!(And the sexy stuff was pretty hot.)I would recommend for fans of rom-suspense, anyone who likes more dense, literary writing, and those who don't mind a bit of philosophy slipped in between the pages of their sexy reads.