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I'm a writer who reads a lot. I get crushes on words. I can be NSFW. Come here, let me smell your books. 

Advertising for Love - Elisabeth Roseland Advertising for Love is a very fun, very sexy romance with a great hook: throwing gender stereotypes on their ear, we have a high powered female executive hiring a male escort.Roseland's voice is unique and very fun. Her characters are sexy and engaging, their dialogue and their relationships with each other feel real. I felt myself cringing at the company party because god help me, I have so been there--fending off unwanted advances from a creepy co-worker while trying to change the subject on the nosy co-worker who shares too much and tries to get you to do the same. I found myself chuckling and nodding along with Aisha as she ordered another glass of pinot grigio.Greg was sexy, sexy, sexy. Did I mention sexy? I loved him--his very believable attitudes towards his improbable job, his ambitions to become a chef, his playful-yet-bossy bedroom style, SEXY. All in all, a very fun book and I am looking forward to the next book in the series. One note: Don't read this on an empty stomach. The food in the book is as hot as the sex, and you WILL get hungry. :)