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The Duchess War - Courtney Milan Okay, Courtney Milan, I feel you.This book is getting a lot of sort of "meh" reviews, and I can understand them, and empathize with those readers who didn't feel they quite got what they wanted out of this book.Meanwhile... I kind of want to stand on my chair and applaud because I got EXACTLY what I wanted from this book. I loved it, beginning to end. Milan is a masterful writer, and the way she brought social class discussion, particularly labor rights, into a historical romance featuring yet another goddamn duke, was exactly the sort of thing I have been craving from historical romances and not getting. Plus, his and hers masturbation scenes. I love masturbation scenes in romance novels, so thank you, Courtney Milan, for going there.This book will probably be regarded as one of Milan's less popular books, but it's one I will enjoy again and again. My favorite quote:"She was nothing. He had everything. And for what little it was worth, he was embarrassed by his own strength."