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I'm a writer who reads a lot. I get crushes on words. I can be NSFW. Come here, let me smell your books. 

Deep Desires - Charlotte Stein This book takes place in those dark bits of Abbie's brain where she's not sure she is able to love and be loved, be sexual and open to another person. She's terrified and turned on and desperately beautiful. Ivan is even more of a hot mess than Abbie, but we don't get to be inside his gorgeous head (which makes me a bit sad, because I'm sure it's amazing in there) because it's written in the first person all from Abbie's POV.To me, the plot outside Abbie's head--the one where she and Ivan meet and interact and such--is nowhere near as fascinating or as beautiful as Abbie's internal love story. Going from Abbie, this girl who can't believe she's watching a man masturbate and can't imagine he'd want her to, to this inviting, welcoming, loving--even loving herself a bit--person who finally sees their relationship as something beautiful and real. A good bit of the book takes place through windows and screens, and reading it you feel almost like a voyeur, and it's so freaking brilliant because it unlocks all those dark Abbie-feelings in the reader also. Brilliant and beautiful and sexy.