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Between Sinners And Saints

Between Sinners and Saints - Marie Sexton I was very moved by this book. I can't say I necessarily enjoyed it, because parts of it were very, very difficult for me to read. I did think it was stunningly well-written and I can't imagine giving it fewer than five stars.Though I know very little of the Mormon church, Ms. Sexton's portrayal of Levi's family felt both authentic and empathetic. I particularly liked her portrayal of the brothers, and how Ruth's listening ear paved the way for Levi to be welcomed back into the fold.Jamie's story broke my heart over and over. I am glad he has a family now, and I truly rooted for him to have his HEA with Levi.I would cautiously recommend this book to anyone who enjoys sweeter M/M romance stories, with the following warning: this book could be triggering for victims of childhood sexual abuse.