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I'm a writer who reads a lot. I get crushes on words. I can be NSFW. Come here, let me smell your books. 


Glitterland - Alexis Hall Beautifully written, insanely clever, horribly uncomfortable. I loved huge large swaths of this book and wanted to hide from the rest. I'm not quite sure whether that's an endorsement or a warning. I can't remember the last time I felt this conflicted over a book. This is a sparkling but sometimes ugly story about a not-very-nice man who falls in love with someone he simultaneously puts on a pedestal and sees as beneath him. I was never wholly convinced Ash deserved Darian, but found their relationship authentic and heartwrenching. I believe I'll need at least another read or two to fully realize my feelings about this book.Recommended for those who love beautiful writing and authentic characters.